The ability to add a comment to any given field for any given record

What I would personally like is the ability to add a comment to any given field for any given record (akin to the cell-level comments that appear as red triangles in the corner of cells in Excel). There are times when I want to add additional or qualifying comments/notes at a field-level in records without cluttering up the view.

Excel examples:

Add comment

Comment indicator


Edit comment

I merely want what could be considered a comment mode/layer that could be applied to any given cell in any given field in any given table. Excel, Google Sheets, and many other spreadsheet-based applications provide this functionality. The purpose is to be able to collaborate or add additional notes or comments in context without affecting the data in the cells themselves. This essentially requesting the same functionality that is currently available for adding field descriptions to field headers, but also allowing this at an individual cell level.

There are limitless use cases for this functionality:

  • Carrying out a collaborative conversation
  • Providing an editor’s note for a publicly shared table
  • Adding a comment about an outlier result in a data table
  • Adding notes about a set of images.
  • Adding a disclaimer

I wholeheartedly second this feature request.

Having this functionality would make collaboration in Airtable as smooth as it is with Google Sheets for our teams.


Agree, same issue here. My project team is asking for this as a key requirement to moving from google sheets.


Is there any way to write a comment on a field, for example explaining what the field options are?

Check this:

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Another vote for this feature!


We would also want this feature, similar to Excel


Yes, PLEASE add this feature! There are so many scenarios in which my team needs to be able to add comments to a specific field within a record.

With mutliple linked tables and 20-40 fields in each table, the record-level comment simply does not meet this need. Comments at this level are quickly buried in the activity stream, and they are certainly not apparent to a team member who needs to quickly reference the table for a specific piece of information that exists at the juncture of a particular record and a particular field.

Field descriptions won’t work either – we use them to provide clarification/instructions on the type of information that should be entered in a field, not to comment on the actual data entered in that field (which wouldn’t make sense at all since the data will be different for every record).

Nor is it feasible to add a notes field adjacent to every single data field. Yikes, what a mess that would be! :dizzy_face:


Completely agree. There are so many use cases for cell-level comments and the last thing I want to do is add additional fields to comment on another field, as I like to keep my tables clear and efficient. And this goes for both personal and shared tables.

A few obvious examples are footnotes and references, adding a link to a relevant website/article inline, providing a clarification in user interview notes (e.g., this question wasn’t relevant/didn’t get to this), notes about edits (e.g., this was created by user A on date, but modified by user B on date), etc.

what we need is inline comments so a user knows what a comment is referring to. This can be done by “hyperlinking.” user would highlight the part they’re commenting on and it would hyperlink to the content in a cell. the user reading the comment can click on it and it would highlight and jump that cell.


This has to be included - it’s really tripping me up.

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This is a separate feature request - I’d be glad to vote it up.

Thanks, sure! Inline comments the one thing keeping my whole organization from using it for writing content instead of Google Docs or Notion.


I agree with this request. There are a lot of scenarios when comment to a single cell is necessary. :pray:

Is there any kind of vote for new features?

We built a tool that allows you to turn a long text field into a comments field. It’s not an alternative but could be a solution.

Here to also vote for this feature!