The ablity to lookup any data from a column and pull data from another table


In other words I have a large table and have data in a column that is not linked to another table but I want to still lookup the data and return a value from another table. A lot like a true excel vlookup.


What is the reason to do that if the tables are not related? I think you must create the Linked Record field.


They are related, but not linked, i have a table that pulls data in from may tables. Based on the info pulled in i will need to look up a value to display. This seems probably to complex but i thought I would ask. So currently the Lookup Cell type asks for a table to look up, i thought it could ask what Column in the Current Table, then what table and then what to return.

starting to ramble.

THank you


I don’t understand nothing on your explanation :sweat_smile: Let me try to reply:

Just link them.

So you already have them Linked? :thinking:

You can use a Formula field to “reference” other fields in the same Table, do calculations, logic operations, etc.

Ah, ok, you want to do in reverse order? A field belongs to a Table, so you first need to specify the Table (previously linked, of course).

If you explain your use case or your base structure, I’m sure we could advice you better.