The app crashes on iPad pro

Hi there, the app keep crashing every time I try to open it. (It worked well before) Did it happened before to anyone? How can I solve it? (I try to remove and install again, but it didn’t work…)


I’ve gone through phases where the iOS app frequently crashes on opening. However, closing the app completely and reopening it usually works for me.

Sorry I have no solution for you. Just commiserating.

Hi thanks for the response, it crashes when it tries to connect online and load the databases. (It works offline)

Can you clarify what you mean when you say it works offline? When I am offline, Airtable simply tells me that I am offline and nothing else loads. Are you able to view data when offline, or are you saying simply that Airtable doesn’t crash?

For me, when Airtable crashes on my iPad, it is also when I first launch the app and the app tries to connect online. It crashes before I can view any data. However, closing Airtable and relaunching it usually works and I can then use Airtable normally.

Sorry if you are having more extreme difficulties!

By “work” I mean that the app can be open, but of course I can’t see any data… Does anyone know how can I clear the cach of the app? Maybe it’ll do something…

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