The collaborator field is here!


Our newest field type has arrived! Use the collaborator field to assign projects and tasks to your teammates.

Check out this post on managing projects more efficiently with collaborator fields to learn more about how you can use collaborator fields. If you have any questions on getting started with the collaborator field, you can read our collaborator field support article.


Is there any fallback when a collaborator goes away, such as for an intern after their internship? We still want to know that a task etc was completed by the collaborator even though she doesn’t haven’t an account anymore.


Yes there is a fallback, see the “Former collaborators” section at the bottom of this article.


I want to use the collaborator field in several tables within a base. Is there a way to keep track of all your assignments, other than to enter every table? One option is to make the collaborator a linked field instead, but then the tasks in the linked table will be piled up, and is not a good workspace. Any suggestions?

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