The date of form submitted in automation shows incorrect date

Hi people,

Dose anyone know how to make the correct date (I need year/mm/dd and time) in my table when my form get submitted?

I tried the formula


also I tried


but the date and time shows up incorrect.

Create a new field of “Created Time” type.

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Thanks for help! @ScottWorld

I tried create a new field of “Created Time” type, and the automatiion date/time still not showing right.

Like this pic, the right date should be 2021-11-17 but it shows 2021-11-16

Turn off “Use GMT for all collaborators”. or use Date Time Format + Set Timezone to force the created time to whatever timezone you are in.

This will show literally always “now”, plus or minus 15 or so minutes inbetween when the formula refreshes.


Thank you so much @Kamille_Parks

I get the right time! finally! :sparkler:

For those who might having the same problem like me, here is the solution I use:

DATETIME_FORMAT(SET_TIMEZONE({Created}, 'Asia/Taipei'),'MM-DD-YYYY hh:mm')

Also some useful sources link down below:
Supported timezones for SET_TIMEZONE

Use a formula like this to set the time zone answerd by @ScottWorld

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