The Interface Designer Contest 🔥

@Jordan_Scott1 Hello. Seems we have the same questions here.
1/ Are you sure that when you publish a base in Universe, that it will also include the interfaces for users outside our organisation that would copy that base?
2/ Talking about contest, we would also much like to submit a full use case that solves a problem. Currently an Interface just using the available elements is quite limited and we also use automations to show the full potential of using interfaces. We see an interface as being like a final product/solution where a user should not even need to go into the base or tables, so if the contest is to create some interfaces that just use the available elements, it really limits the creativity and even more the "functional & actionable (25%) criteria in the judging criteria.

Looking forward to your answers/proposals :slight_smile:

Automations are allowed and will carry over when published to Universe!


@Jordan_Scott1 Glad to hear it! Is there anything in particular we need to do when publishing to the Universe to ensure that the Automations carry over? Currently, if I publish to the Universe and copy the base, automations do NOT travel with it. Is there something I’m doing wrong when publishing?

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They should carry over and we will just have to turn them on once we copy it over


Is that something only Airtable employees can do? That is kind of scary if I published something to Universe expecting Automations NOT to carry over.

Been working on my entry this week but stumbled across a (possibly) stupid question…

What do you mean by Interface? Are we being judged on a single interface screen, or the whole set attached to our base?

Because your submission asks just for the Base URL I’m guessing it might be every interface, but I can’t find that detailed in the post.


This is not my experience. I published a base and tried using it. While the new copy of the base from the universe has the interface, there are no automations. When I make a public share link and enable copying of the base, the copied version also has the interface but no automations. This is different from when I duplicate a base. If I simply duplicate the base, I get both the interface and the automations and simply have to turn the automations on.


I’m 99% sure that automations do not carry over into the universe. I also, like @kuovonne, created a second account to test this. I used the base template I had put up in the Universe with my primary account as my contest entry, and it did not contain automations.

What I ended up doing is creating a table where I created a record for each of the automations my Interface relies on, and writing a description of how it works and what it does, and attaching screenshots of the automation setup.


Is there documentation required as part of the contest showing others how to use the interface?

Hello! Also now 99.9% sure that automations are NOT carried over. I just wanted to make sure and have just published a base that contains interfaces, extensions and automations in Universe. Extensions & Interfaces are there when I copy the base with a new user I created for testing purpose. Automations are just NOT there…
The only way I know to share automations is the following: > creating a base containing the automations and then allowing users to access and then Duplicate the base. If the base is duplicated, then the automations will be duplicated along with it.

The problem with that method is that
1/ it’s not published and public
2/ if you share that link with a user that is not a registered airtable user, there’s a huge risk that that user will become your “co-worker” instead of having him using your base and automations on his own.

@Jordan_Scott1 it would be great if you could double check and if, like you said previously, the automations should carry over, explain if there is a way to do that within the Universe? Thanks a lot


I’ll ask a non-automation question:

Will we get to see all of the entries once submissions are closed? I’d love to be able to see what everyone else can do with Interfaces!


Would love to see all submission as well. Still in need of some inspiration for interfaces.

I’d still reaaally like to know if this contest is for ‘all of the interfaces linked to a base’ or ‘a single interface linked to a base’.


I have assumed it was a single interface, but that was indeed an assumption.

@Jordan_Scott1 any updates? Conscious there’s only two weeks to go!

Thank you all for your patience ad we looked into this as it’s not expected behavior. In the meantime, if you are using automations for your interface, or would rather not share on universe, please create a base invite link and use that URL for your submission instead. This link will only be shared with the Airtable team and will not incur any additional charges to your account.


@Jordan_Scott1 Thank you so much for giving us resolution on this issue.

What sort of permissions do we need to include with the base invite link? Are read-only permissions okay, in case the link gets leaked to someone outside of Airtable, or if we want to share the base with other non-Airtable people? Will Airtable be duplicating the base and turning on the automations?

if you are using automations for your interface

I have already submitted two entries, both have several automations, and are listed on Universe.

Do I need to re-enter, or will your fix on Universe mean that those entries’ automations will correctly carry over?

Read-only totally works! We will use the link you create to judge so we shouldn’t need to duplicate anything!

@Russell_Bishop1 It’s going to take some time to get this fixed, so please resubmit and I can delete your other entries!