The Interface Designer Contest 🔥

Read-only totally works! We will use the link you create to judge so we shouldn’t need to duplicate anything!

@Russell_Bishop1 It’s going to take some time to get this fixed, so please resubmit and I can delete your other entries!

All interfaces, but only a single interface is required!

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I’m afraid that this will not work for my interface. The judging criteria specifically mentioned “Creative use of advanced features like user filters”, so my interface uses the “current user” filter condition. These filters mean that a new read-only user will not be tagged in any records and will not be able to see or do anything.

In order to actually use my interface, multiple collaborators need to be able to have edit access to the base in order to create, edit, and delete records, and to tag other collaborators in records that they want to share.

Working from a duplicate base would also ensure that anyone (including the original creator) has access to a clean starting base.

I think the confusion here is what constitutes an “interface”. Some people think of a single interface page as an “interface”. Other people may think of a collection of interface pages as an “interface”. Yet other people in this thread think of their grid views, gallery views, and calendar views as “interfaces”.

Also, some bases are designed so that some users manage data in the traditional grid view, but other users consume the data in the interface. This requires users to operate in both the traditional grid view and the interface. Will any necessary interactions in grid views be a part of how the interface is judged?

If advanced permissions like this are required for your base, or if it’s just your preference that we duplicate, then yes, please allow for duplication and leave a note in the “anything else we should know” portion of the form - the last thing we want is to disrupt anyone’s workflows!

For this contest, an interface is either a single interface or a collection of interfaces that utilize one base. The base design will be considered in the ‘design’ category, ensuring the Interface is functional, but all other categories will apply specifically to the interface(s) themselves.

Hi, Is there a way to create a duplicate Interface?
I have client info on my Interface but I’m really happy how it’s working

You can duplicate the base and the interface will be duplicated. When duplicating the base, you can choose to not copy record data. Then add your own sample data.

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Thanks Kuovonne!!! Much appreciated!

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