The Interface Designer Contest 🔥

Hi all! I just sent everyone who entered the Interface Designer Contest an email - but providing a quick update here from that email as well as I know everyone is excited to see the winning entries!

“First, I want to thank you for all the effort that went into creating your submissions - the team has been absolutely blown away by the caliber of all submissions. We had previously planned on being able to notify all of our winners today, but we are going to need a few more days! Our judges want to ensure every entry (there were over 150 interfaces submitted :exploding_head:) gets the time and attention they deserve for judging and have asked for a few more days. All winners will be notified by September 9, 2022 (but hopefully before that).”

Thank you to everyone for your patience, we appreciate it very much and are excited to share the winners with you all after the long weekend! Please don’t hesitate to reach out in the meantime with any additional questions :dizzy:


will it be possible to see all the interfaces submitted somewhere ?


Haven’t seen an announcement of the winners yet – curious about this.


Hi @Jordan_Scott1, I don’t think so the automation is still there when copy base.