The Mystery of the Disappearing Records

First of all: I am thrilled about Airtable for the filtering options, scripting blocks and great API!
But there is one thing that is driving us mad:

Sometimes if my colleage creates some new records, the day after they have somehow disappeared (they are not filtered - I have double checked)…so he creates some new records with the same content. But then some days later the original records reappear as by magic…so than we have duplicates :-/.
Does anyone recognize this? And may there be a solution. I wouldn’t know how to avoid this.

Best regards, Ronald from the Netherlands

Update: It may be my own mistake :wink:
So to rephrase my question: would it be possible to restore ALL deleted records in a certain base-tab? I know it is possible to recover deleted records from the last week, but we need like half een year recovery :-/.

Hope you can Help!

Oddly enough, after 7 days, you can only restore entire snapshots of your entire base (instead of recovering individual records). On the Pro Plan, your snapshot history will extend back an entire year.