There is a lmitation for Airtable uploaded files?


I would like to have some info that is not officially provided by Airtable.

I am using airtable to manage a database, which I export to a CSV file. I then use this CSV file as a database for a REST API in this way I am not limited by the maximum 5 requests per seconds imposed by the Airtable API.

Where I am wondering is about the files uploaded via Airtable, in my CSV I see that the files are uploaded at this address:

If I have a mobile app with 1,000,000 active users viewing the image uploader through Airtable, do I face any limitations or blockages?

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Airtable has not published a limit for viewing uploaded attachments. Viewing attachments is supported for publicly shared views with no documented limitation, which also supports not having to worry about limits.

However, in this thread, Airtable has said that using Airtable as a CDN is not supported. Now that thread is two years old, so it might be outdated, and it seems like more and more people are using Airtable as a CDN for attachments, especially third party website builders.

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Thanks for our answer !

There is one thing that I did not understand well, the url of the attachments is liable to change over time?

According to the linked thread, the url of an attachment might change. However, that doesn’t mean that it will change.

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Thanks, have a nice day

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