This Day In History View

Hey good afternoon, I wanted to create a view that gives me all the records from the Current Month and Current Day in history. So today being October 28, 2020, I want to be able to dynamically pull all the previous years for October 28th. I am sure I could add a month field and a day field and manually change them everyday as a filter in my view but wasn’t sure if there was anyway to dynamically pull the current date to get the historical values for the current date. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Ha, so I figured out an approach after posting. Have a formula on my table that compares todays month and day against the records month and day. Then can use that in the view to filter. Thank you!!!

IF(AND(MONTH({Date}) = MONTH(NOW()), DAY({Date}) = DAY(NOW())) , TRUE(), FALSE())

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