Thumbnail Scale Option for Attachment Fields within Views with Expanded Row Height


While we love the Row Height option in some of our views, we struggle with how images within attachment fields are previewed. Currently, each image within an attachment field fills the full height of the row/record. This is a sub-optimal use of screen real estate. Instead, we suggest a thumbnail scale option within the field settings. This could be a slider, or simply a choice between 1-up, 2-up and 3-up thumbnail grids.

Here’s a before-and-after of what we’re thinking:

And if implementing such scaling, why not add it to the Gallery View? While full-frame thumbnails LOOK great, a small grid of thumbnails would likely be more useful in a lot of use cases; particularly as screen resolutions increase.


For instance, Linked fields already work this way. Each linked block of data gets ragged down as the column-width is narrowed. We’d love to see images within Attachment fields work this way.


Or… For a TRUE barcode field format to be added. One inclusive of auto-barcode generation via various symbologies, display of barcodes at various scales/truncations, with variable inclusion of underlying text, etc.

If we were using barcodes as data (a la linked field info) instead of attached images, we’d have less need for thumbnail scaling.


Here’s a rough proto of what a Gallery card might look like with scaled thumbnails in the header: