Time Field Type

I’d also appreciate either a standalone “Time” field without a date, OR a formatting switch on the “Duration” field to accommodate time of day display, to be able to store data such as ‘8:00 AM’ or ‘5:00 PM’. The duration field can’t really work for this use case for us, as we don’t use military time and use the AM/PM meridiem designators when entering data. We have recurring weekly time slots, not attached to any particular date, and would like to be able to store these natively and enter them as seamlessly as all our other fields.


I’m getting an error when I try and use that formula. This is exactly what I need.

Make sure you have the right name selector.

Still waiting for this feature.

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Also make sure you correct the quotes used when copying the formula. The forum appears to mess them up at times, turning some straight quotes into curly quotes. Straight quotes work for formulas; curly quotes don’t.

Would love this feature. Definitely helps.

I would also like to have a “Time” field type separate from Date.

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Wow this thread is so long… Since 2016… you think they would listen to their community…

I wouldn’t assume that they’re not listening. Prioritizing software updates is a lot more complicated than many would assume, and there’s a lot that we don’t know about what’s happening behind the scenes. From what I’ve seen elsewhere, it helps the folks at Airtable to get details about specific use cases where Feature X could potentially be used. If you could describe how you would specifically use (and benefit from) something like this, it would carry a lot more weight.


Here’s my use case for the need for a separate time field. I need to be able to calculate the total and subtotal of time duration across sets of records and cannot for the life of me figure out how to do this. While I can get a Min Date and Max Date in summary fields, I can’t get a Min Time or Max Time to show up in subtotal or total fields, nor can I use or create them in a Pivot Table. Help!!

Hi @Peter_Nelson2 and welcome to our community! :slight_smile:

Just curious whether a combination of Date (without a time field) and Duration field types would be suitable (or at least a work-around) for your use case…?

You can use a formula like {End Time} - {Start time} to compare durations.

Vernon, the current Duration field type doesn’t quite do it for me. My use case is a chain-of-custody style tracking of an item with a series of timestamps that don’t have start and end times for each record row, but that can be subtotaled with the first timestamp and the ending time essentially being the last time stamp. I did try creating this by making each timestamp a start and end time on it’s own and then summarizing the duration (in days) across records but I can’t figure out a way to do that with times.

Apparently I can’t embed a picture or URL link in my post reply to explain this in more detail.

You may need to “participate” a little more before you gain the permission to include a picture or URL in your forum posts. Try adding an emoji or editing an earlier post to earn the badges.

I’ve found Duration field type is close but not exactly meet my use case … That was a while ago now, so I’ll have to revisit.