Time in an IF formula

Hi everyone,

For the freelancing part of my making-ends-meet endeavors, I have started tracking tasks. Usually, that’s no problem with Airtable. But once in a while, I’ll forget to enter a task when I start it, and, instead, enter it when I remember to do so. That means CREATED_TIME() in the primary field gives me that later time, and that’s not helpful.

I tried to get around this by using this formula:

IF({Manual Date & Time},{Manual Date & Time},CREATED_TIME())

But if I toggle on “Use the same time zone…,” the CREATED_TIME() goes wonky. And if I don’t toggle on “Use the same time zone…,” the {Manual Date & Time} goes wonky. How can I get the time zone to be consistent in this formula field whether it’s autogenerated or manually entered?

If someone could help me figure this out, I would be really grateful!

Make sure that the “use same time zone” toggle is set the same for all fields involved, including the formula field.

Jeepers, how did I miss that? My face is red but my heart is grateful. Thanks, Kuovonne!

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