Time relative filters

It would be great to see the addition of some new relative terms to the date filters.


As a daily user of Airtable, these terms would be useful from a reporting perspective:
Last Week - if it is week 23 now, then show my records from week 22.
Last Month - if it is June now, then show my records from May.
Last Quarter - if it is Q2 now, then show my records from Q1.
Last Year - if it is 2019 now, then show my records from 2018.

Hi @nnnnneil - good suggestion.

A possible workaround for you in the interim:

Create a field “Current Week” using the formula:


Then create a field which is the week that the record was added:

DATETIME_FORMAT({Record Added}, 'WW')

Take one from the other (“Week Diff”). You can now filter where the “Week Diff” = 1. You could come up with similar fields for month, year etc and hide in your view to reduce the clutter.


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Hey @JonathanBowen, thanks for the suggestion. I guess i’m trying to keep my fields under control :slight_smile: