Time shows in formula result when time is not selected


Likely a simple solution for this.
I have a table called “Event” where the primary field is pulling the date from a secondary field called “EventDate”, adding a number from a field called “OrderInDay”, and then adding an autonumber from a field called “EventID”.

I do not have the time showing in the date field.

The issue is that the result in the primary field does include time.

Here are the values in the three fields.

EventDate: 2018-03-18

OrderInDay: 1

EventID: 3

And this is the result: 2018-03-18T00:00:00.000Z (1)-ID3

Here is the formula in the primary field: {EventDate} & " (" & {OrderInDay} & “)-ID” & {EventID}

I’m new. What am I missing here?



Go here and scroll down to the second screenshot…

Essentially, you’re displaying a ‘raw’ date/timestamp. You’ll want to wrap your formula in a DATETIME_FORMAT() function and specify how you want it formatted. There is aridiculously broad range of potential formats you can specify — or if none of those meet your need, you can combine them to create exactly what you want.


Thank you. That was exactly what I needed.