Timeline block to use Lookup to Date field


Calendar Views have no problem with using Lookup fields that point to Date field types.

To visualise a number of records over time, I want to use the Timeline block where the Start date field / End date field is/are Lookup fields that point to Date field types. For now, the Timeline block settings allow us to select any Date fields in the (primary) Table but do not allow selecting Lookup fields that refer to a Date field in a linked table.

Is it possible to enable Lookup fields (that point to Date fields in linked tables) as selectable options in the Timeline block please?

Our particular case:

Tasks records in one table. Deployments in another table. A number of Tasks are linked to a single record in the Deployments table. Each Deployment record has a Date field called Deployed. Back in the Tasks table, we Use a Lookup to the Deployed Date. Our calendar view of Tasks uses the Deployed Lookup Date. For a particular date, the view shows all the Tasks that made it into the deployment.

I would like to display these in a Timeline block because:

  1. deployments occur over separate months and we can’t see more than 1 discrete month via calendar view;
  2. the Timeline block can zoom in/out to see different levels of detail and relative proximity to adjacent deploy dates.