Timeline error: records with same start and end not showing in Timelines 'day' timescale

When the Start date field and End date field are the same, records DO NOT appear in the Timeline\Day timescale, but DO appear in views bigger than Timeline\Day.
Setting the End at ‘Start + 1 minute’ makes it work- but yuk!
Is this by design- to be completely invisible in ‘Day’?

Hey Paul, that’s a pretty hilarious thing you’ve discovered. It looks like this is to do with the fact that date fields have an automatic time field of 12:00 AM, and so if, for example, we have it set to 17 May for the Start and End date fields, we’re actually doing:

Start: 17 May 12AM
End: 17 May 12AM

And so nothing appears in the timeline view on a day timescale, since that uses hours to display the bar and, well, it’s 0 hours, right? Hahaha

Doing a minus 1 makes it work fine too

It’s a conspiracy! Indulging in stereotypes of ‘Day’ to ridicule it.
“Not enough hours in a ‘Day’”, so just make them invisible. Poof!..and they’re gone.
It’s an offensive perpetuation of stereotypes.

Rob Thomas tried to warn us about the threat to zero hours:

Time falls away
But these small hours
These little wonders
Still remain

Are we still not living in a digital clock’s lost hour (…we’ve forgotten to set to DST), when our grandfather clock chimes us the true time?..hours that I have not lost but do remember…

Anyways- in reality “zero time” tasks are an important part of scheduling. Tasks and To-do’s in a timeline (and Gantt) have real value, that’s why Asana, Monday and others use it! Even Airtable does, albeit only in timescales Week, 2 week, Month, Quarter, Year and 5 year- where the zero becomes even more exponentially & infinitely smaller as the timescale expands (…with apologies to Einstein).

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It appears to have something to do with whether the ‘End date field (optional)’ is filled out.
Without setting that, the record shows in the ‘Day’ timescale, but as soon as it’s set to my ‘End’ field, the record does not appear in the ‘Day’ timescale.

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Ahh, interesting. Sigh, but in what weird scenario are we not going to use the end date field, right?

I received this from Airtable support ( I had submitted a ticket):

"Great news! The team identified the issue and is working on a fix that should go live about Wednesday next week. Thanks for reaching out about this! "

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