Timeline grouping


Hi there!

I’d like to be able to group different records on one horizontal line or near each other as opposed to random. It would be awesome if this would work automagically by using grouping in the view.

This way you would e.g. be able to create single rows for segmented phases (different colors) of individual projects. One project would always be one line (or group) in this example.

Right now if you have more than one project with multiple phases (multiple records starting & ending neatly after each other) the lines are plotted all over the place.

In short I’d love to able to influence the horizontal position of records somehow.




I agree, this would make the timeline block much more useful!


100% agreed—allowing grouping of timeline records by a Single Select or other field would be a massive improvement to the Timeline block! The ability to view parallel timelines with records displayed in separate “swim lanes” has many strong use cases—for our manufacturing case, we’d like to see our batches shown in a timeline on the L-R axis, but on the Up-Down axis, we’d like to see which piece of equipment each batch is going to occupy to aid in efficient scheduling.

The vis.js timeline component has this exact notion of “grouping”, see one group example and screenshot here:

I’d estimate that adding such a feature to the airtable timeline block could make it about 5x as awesome, and came to post this request myself before I found this one. Thanks=


We’re in need of this for our scheduling as well to visualise available ‘seats’ and time slots in our office. We can’t really make the leap to airtable until something like this is implemented. Is there another way of doing this currently or a way to hack together something similar to this?


@Katherine_Duh Any updates regarding this? Indeed its a really important functionality to make the timeline block usable in project tracking : )