Timeline view - sorted by A-Z AND NUMBER 1-9


I use the timeline view on this table to manage my rentals : in the column “Grouped By” I have all my chambers, and each record is a reservation.

The chamber are Cottage 1, Cottage 2… until Cottage 20)
But, when sorted A-Z, it do not includes the numbers :
Instead of : Cottage 1, Cottage 2, Cottage 3, etc…
I have : Cottage 1, Cottage 2, Cottage 11…

What can i do to sort the column “Grouped by” from A-Z and 1-9 ?


Hmm, perhaps you could try renaming “Cottage 1” to “Cottage 01”, “Cottage 2” to “Cottage 02”?

Thanks for you response.

I tried it, but it did not change the order…

Hmm, that’s odd. It sorts fine for me even without the leading 0 actually

My base setup must be different from yours. Could you have a look at mine here and let me know where it’s different?


I will take a closer look at it tonight and I will get back to you.

Thank you again.

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Sorry for the late response.

I juste deleted all the records, then writting them again one by one, then it all works great. The cottages are sorted correctly.

I don’t know why i had this issue… Maybe because some of the records was 2 years old… The Airtable Team told me that maybe it’s a bug or something like that and they will work on it.

Again, thanks alot for your help.

SOLUTION : Deleted all the previous records

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