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I’m looking for some advice as to how to recreate some of the timesheet functionality that I currently get from Harvest within Airtable, considering my Airtable base has a lot of the data about our projects that I end up entering manually into Harvest.

Right now, our Harvest usage looks like this:

The records are “tagged” with the project, and the task that the time was spent on for that project.

I have the projects and tasks already in tables in my base, and the only way that I can see to set this up is like this.

Is this the only way to recreate the Harvest functionality in Airtable? What do you recommend I do differently?



This is essentially how you would do it, yes - with a related time input table linked to the engineer and project. You could then extend this with hourly rates for each engineer etc - and calculate amounts for each time entry if you wanted. You would then use Roll Up fields to consolidate the totals at the project level.

I just set up a system like this for a client - which also linked to Basecamp 2 (with Zapier).


Hi Julian,

Thank you so much for the response. So there’s no way to get the type of view that I showed in my screenshot from Harvest for each week, right?

Thanks again,



Certainly not entirely. You could have a record for each week/task type with a time entry field for each day but you wouldn’t be able to display this as a total input screen for the week as shown with the weekly total for the person / day etc.

For my own use, I simply have a record which I complete as I go - so if I spent two hours 15 minutes on project ‘x’ I would fill in the project and time spent (I use hours and minutes fields and then calculate decimal hours) . I have the date calculated from the Created_Time() function.


Hi Eugene,
I was just thinking about the same thing. I have a consulting business. We made the mistake of moving to Harvest. Then I pulled all of our business data together in Airtable which has been great (except for lacking permissions, cross base linking and styles). Timesheets are the one thing that we really want to be as real -time as possible. We want a timesheet grid, like Harvest’s. I’m going to see how far I can get with Airtable forms and possibly Ultradoc forms. I’m also going to look into a more automated way of importing timesheet CSV files…
Have you found a good solution?


Unfortunately I have not. We now have a timesheet table with each entry devoted to a single person’s hours on a single project on a single day. Would love a grid view though.


If you have users entering time directly in AT, how do you deal with lack of permissions or base linking? How do you keep straight who owns which views?


I would love to know the answer to this too!