Timestamp for Long Text


I think it would be useful to have the ability to insert a timestamp to Long Text fields. We use these fields for tracking activity and having a timestamp would make a huge difference. I envision it like a little calendar/clock icon next to the @ below the field, that when I click it inserts the current date/time (or I would even be able to pick which one to add)

I know that I could use comments, since they are timestamped; however, they are not truly part of the record as Long Texts are (as records copied via zap or in duplicate bases will not keep that info). Besides, they will get out of view as new activity is recorded in the history.


Is it important to timestamp the long text field only, or would a timestamp showing when any field in the record was last updated suffice?


I would like a timestamp for the long text specifically, one that’s added to the content like mentions are. I want to be able to use the long text to track activity/stuff that’s not practicable to track in other ways (like with a distinct date/time field of its own) or to put a reference date to comments/decisions. Does it make sense?

What you say I liken to the record’s history. Yeah it may be good to have next to the field when it was last updated (one that you don’t need to scroll the history to see), but to me it’s not particularly important.