Timestamps for Attachments in Forms?



I teach an online course, and I’m using a base to collect files from students for assignments, sort of like a dropbox. I’ve built a form that has required fields, like Name, Student ID Number, and a dropdown menu for choosing which assignment they’re turning in.

This works beautifully, except there’s no timestamp associated with their upload of an assignment. So, if I don’t record all of the assignments turned in by the deadline, someone could turn in something late without my knowing it’s late.

Is there a way to add a timestamp to a field within a form? Thanks for your help!

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You should just be able to create an additional column with the “Created Time” selected as the field type. You have the option to show just the date or the date and time. If they are using a form to submit the information then you shouldn’t even have to include the “Created Time” column on the form but it would be there for you to see when you open Airtable because it will have the date and time in that column for when the form is submitted.



Here is a quick reference on the date/time options.

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Wonderful! Had no idea that “Created Time” was a field type option. Thanks so much!

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