To Do List base, want to calculate time left in non-completed tasks

I have a To-Do List sorted by department with the estimated time to complete each task in a daily view.
I want to surface the time left to complete tasks marked in progress, not started, pending.
Is there an easy trick I’m missing?

Hi @John_White1
I think you can do this with a few formulas

Here is my Due Date formula, this looks to see if the Due Date is a weekday and if not assigns the next available weekday:

WORKDAY(DATEADD({Assigned Date}, {Days to complete}, 'days'), 1)

And the Days remaining formula:

IF(OR(Status="In Progress", Status="Not Started", Status="Pending"), DATETIME_DIFF({Due Date}, {Assigned Date}, 'days'), 'Complete')

Fantastic formulas! Thanks for this.

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