"To-do list" tutorial is incomplete

The “To-do list” tutorial opens with

In this 3-part tutorial learn how to build a to-do list block that shows a
list of tasks from a table and allows you to check them off when done.

The supporting screen recording demonstrates this functionality.

However, the tutorial only covers displaying the contents of a table or view.
There is no information on modifying the table (via a checkbox or otherwise).
A subsequent guide does discuss writing to a table though it’s not in terms of
the “to-do list” block.

Hi Mike, thanks for letting us know!

This was a mistake in the guide description and we’ve updated it. We’ve also added a section under “Extra credit” that discusses editing tasks.

We don’t have any current plans to fully extend the tutorial to cover writing back to Airtable, but will note this as a potential improvement. (The guide was written before writes were supported in the Blocks SDK.)

The example code for the to-do block here demonstrates how to handle adding, removing and checking off tasks: https://github.com/Airtable/blocks-todo-list And, as you noted, we have a separate guide for writes.

Got it. Thanks, Emma!

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Good news! The tutorial now has a new section dedicated to writing data back to the Base. It’s titled, “Part 4: integrate with a checkbox field to manage the ‘completed’ status of each task.”