Today's date when status changes

I’m trying to create an automation:

–TRIGGER: status of the record is changed to “Completed/Published” (I managed this part, I think)
–ACTION: the “Published Date” field is automatically filled-in with today’s date (here’s where I get lost)

Is it possible to do this, and how? (I tried various things but am getting “test failed”)

Next question:
Would the user still be able to manually change the “Published Date” field? For example, let’s say our content was published yesterday, but the user only updates their record in AirTable today, so they would need to manually correct the date.

Thanks for your help!

I am not 100% sure that there isnt a more elegant way, but this is how I did it, since I had simialr problem.
What we did is create formula field with Today() formula, which we then hide since its only used for automation.
Then use update record action and configure it so that it writes Formula field into your desired destination (in your case “Published Date”).
You can edit that field manualy after if needed.

Hope it helps, a bit late here and I was working whole day so a bit tierd :smiley:

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Thanks Petrovic! I’ve never played with formula fields so I will try to learn. If you can point me to some info or screen shot showing how to configure it, I’ll be forever grateful!

This is how formula field should be configured to show todays date:

Its quite simple :slight_smile: In fromating Tab you can set how date should look, same as with Date field.
You have all the various formulas listed here :

As for the automation part, not sure if its helpfull but this is how it looks:

1 - Is your destination field
2 - Is the name of your Formula Field

Woo-hooo!!! It worked!! (the team will be very impressed when they see this). Thanks so much for your help!

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