Toggle Field Visibility in Expanded Records (Shared Gallery View)


When I share/embed a Calendar View, I have the ability to choose which fields are hidden and which are visible in an expanded record. Does the Gallery View have the same capability?

It looks like if you want a field to show up at all, it has to first be visible on the card. Otherwise, it’s hidden in the expanded record as well. It’d be great to be able to select a couple of pertinent fields for the cards, then dive into greater detail in the expanded record.

I’d rather not choose the “show all fields in expanded records” option, as there are some fields I want to stay hidden.

Any ideas? Thank you!


Would love to see a way to explicitly control the filed visibility for the Calendar view records. This is particualrly helpful when you want to publish and share a calendar via the URL link, and only want to expose a subset of the record’s fields