Toggle off "show attachments in reversed order", but keep attachments in the same order

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Need help with the Attachment field, please.

For some time now I use the attachment field to store images, and I had “show attachments in reversed order.” option toggled on.
Now, I want to toggle off “show attachments in reversed order.”, but keep photos in same order.

How can I accomplish that without doing it manually, since I have a loot of files and reccords?

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The easiest way that I know of to do that is via a script. Here’s one that does the job.

The actual code that reverses the order isn’t much, but I gave it a minimal UI via script settings, along with some feedback to make it more user-friendly. I don’t offer any warranty on how this thing behaves, but it performed well in my tests.

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Thank you @Justin_Barrett this does the job perfectly!

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