Told I need to upgrade, but not why

I am being told, “Looks like one or more of your bases exceed the capacity allotted by your current plan (Free). To ensure continued access, upgrade this workspace.”

What does this mean? I have created one base, loaded a pretty minimal spreadsheet into it, and mucked about with some of the data. If Airtable could tell me what kind of capacity is being exceeded, maybe I could reconfigure something, maybe I created something by mistake that I don’t really need. I need a clue.

I will be watching this also for a reply. I am not sure what the free plan entitles you to have. After playing around with it, looks like will easily meet my needs. I plan to upgrade. Thanks for a question I was needing to have answered also.

Hi @Tyrone_Slothrop and @A_YBarbo

I managed to find some information that might help to explain the features for each plan. In terms of the overlimit, if you did not reach it, sometimes there’s an automatic warning, alerting you to the possibility that you are nearing your limit of records. If you did go over your limit, remove the records or split the base and contact Airtable Support and they can restore your base, by removing the over limit alert.

Hope this information helps.

Mary K

@Emmanuel_Galindo Your response doesn’t feel like it’s related to this thread topic. It sounds more like a product request. I suggest making a new post in the Product Suggestions category.

EDIT: Emmanuel’s post looks like it may disappear, so adding this comment for context in case it does.

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OK, thanks, that was helpful. As I was exploring how Airtable works, I loaded a CSV file that had about 1500 lines. Apparently this is a problem for the free level. But I don’t need a 1500-record base, so I just now deleted about 1000 of them. I now show that I have well under the limit for the number of records but I’m still being shown that alert. So the next thing is to follow your other advice and “contact” Airtable Support. I remember seeing a link for doing this yesterday, but I can’t find it now. I understand why Airtable doesn’t make it incredibly easy to submit a request, so they don’t have to futz with so many. But if anyone can tell me, … :slight_smile:

Of course, now that I’ve asked for this clue, I’ll probably find it as soon as I submit this comment.

Again, I thank you.

Thank you. I had too many records.

Hi @Tyrone_Slothrop

Thank you for the update.

Here is the screenshot of how to contact Airtable. This is the iPad app, but I am sure it will help to find the Support option.

Mary K

Thank you. It appears that if you actually want to communicate with the support staff, you are asked to send an email to As I suspected, I found the answer pretty soon after I asked the community, but I’d been casting about for a good half hour before that :slight_smile:

Thank you. This is most helpful.
Now if you could just answer my other question on the forum lol

Thanks again for your prompt reply.

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