Total Volunteer Hours


I have a table where I collect the hours from individual vols working on specific projects. They enter their hours via a Form. Some vols have 30 different entries. I can group them by name to see the total hours for each individual, but have to scroll to each one to compile annual totals for each volunteer. I want to be able to take that total and create a table where each volunteer record returns their total annual hours. Shouldn’t be that hard to do, but I can’t crack it.



You can add a Formula field for the Year (from the entry Date), with the YEAR() function, and then Group by that too.


Sorry, I didn’t do a great job explaining what I’m attempting. Here’s a screen shot of the Table sorted by volunteer name. I want to be able to create a view that shows just the names and the Sum (circled in red).

Otherwise I need to scroll through the list at the end of the work season and create a spreadsheet manually. I set up a fresh new Base for every season, since we only report annually but want to save the work hours year to year.



You can add the Year field, and then Group by year as I said, or create Views for every year. You can collapse the Groups from the settings.


Gruped by Year and with totals per Volunteer:

Views by Year:


Got it. thanks! Any way to collapse the groups for the entire table at once, or do I need to go through and manually collapse each person?