Track and KEEP dates based on choices in multiselect field

I have a table with a multiselect field for stages: Submitted, Reviewed, Approved, Completed. I would like to track the date of each stage change in separate fields. So Date Submitted, Date Reviewed, Date Approved, Date Completed. I am using this formula to populate those fields…

IF({Stage}=“Reviewed”, LAST_MODIFIED_TIME({Stage}))

The problem I am now running into is keeping those date entries even as the stages changes. So when the multiselect is changed from Reviewed to Approved, I would like both the Reviewed Dates and Approved Dates to remain. With the above formula, only the date of the current stage remains.

Please help! Thank you!\


Turn each date field into regular Date fields, not Formulas. Add a Formula field that reports TODAY().

Add an Automation for each step where the trigger is “When {Stage} equals [insert stage here]”. Add an “Update record” action step to copy the Today Formula value into the relevant Date field.

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Thank you so much!! I am having trouble making the second part of the automation work. After choosing the Table, I then choose the Record from the trigger and its ID, then the field to update. But I’m not sure how to tell the automation to copy the value from the Today Formula.


There should be a blue plus button next to the field you’re updating. Click it, and in the popup window select the trigger record, then hover your mouse over the Formula field and click “Insert”.

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IT WORKED! Thank you! :pray:t2:

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