Track factory manufacturing with airtable


I am trying to build a platform for tracking and manufacturing data and presenting summaries and calculations based on that data.
The Machines in our factory produce a log file. I crated a script which takes that log and saves it as .csv file.
I imported these files to airtable, and am struggling to find ways to present useful data based on these logs data.
for exmple: i would like to sum how many meters were manufactured for each project, give each project a “page” with relevant info such as location, contractors, contacts etc.
i managed to do it in excel (google spreadsheets). but could not go forward with air table.
here is a link to the google spreadsheet:


I love Airtable for a lot of uses, but when you start talking about “presenting summaries and calculations” you’re quickly leaving Airtable territory. You’d probably be better off having a dashboard built that can show you exactly the reports and data you want to see. And if there is still value in managing that data in Airtable, that’s fine, but you won’t be expecting Airtable to present that data.

Here’s two links that should give you an idea of what I’m talking about.

Shoot me a message if you’d like to move forward with an Airtable powered dashboard or simply a dashboard that can directly ingest your log files and present reports and searchable/sortable data.


Hi Cheter,
Looks very impressive, what could be the costs to get this kind of dashboard for our data?