Track user yearly matrix by month

Hello to All!
I would like to build a base that tracks a total of 9 monthly matrix per user for the year. I will try to keep this simple.
The idea is that the user will be around for the entire year, but that can change throughout the year, users can either be deleted or new users can be added.

Matrixes 1 and 2 can change at any given month per user, but are single select.

  • Matrix 1 is which group the user belonged to that given month
  • Matrix 2 is the status the user was that given month

Matrixes 3 thru 7 you could call performance matrixes, and these are numbers, will change every month.

I’d like to accomplish the following, with views or any other feature.

  • View a summary of users performance for all 12 months with totals of matrixes 3 thru 7 and averages. (would be nice to get averages for only months completed).
  • View totals of a single matrix from 3-7, by month, with year total, grouped by Matrix 2.

I hope it’s not to simple of a description.

Thank you in advance for all your ideas!

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