Tracking bi-weekly Sprint score through a form and calculating averages


I need to create a form for our sprint reviews, in which our partners can anonymously rate their confidence and commitment to the development. I have created the form with no problem, but I would like to track the average rating per question and per sprint, so I can follow the progress over time.

How do I calculate an average grouped by the specific sprint?

hi @GHR,
I would suggest separating the structure in two separate tables: one for sprints and one for questionnaire answers. Then you could use a linked record field to link each questionnaire answer to a specific sprint. This would allow you to, from the sprints table, create a rollup field that calculates the average for that particular sprint.

Hope this helps!

Calendly: Calendly - Alessio Monino

This was exactly what I needed @Alessio_Monino - thanks for the reply!

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