Tracking donations to water filters to report back to donors


I don’t have anything set up yet. I am looking to see if we could use airtable to set up donation tracking to match with water filters and water wells installed in the developing world. I want to take the photos and information from our partners in the developing world and match them back to our donations and donors so that we can send photos, information and sometimes even gps coordinates for every single bio sand filter or water well we install in the developing world.

Can this be done with airtable? IF so how?

Thank you.


It’s seems that should be straight forward/relatively simple to accomplish with Airtable. I’ll note that if you want to look at your GPS coordinates on a map within your base, you’ll want to subscribe to the pro level plan to get Blocks:

I’d suggest 3 things, in this order, to look at

  1. Airtable universe/Airtable templates for bases that may cover exactly what you want functionally, that are just used in a different subject matter
  2. Airtable tutorials
  3. Work-offered forum under the Airtable community forum, if you would prefer to pay someone to set this up for you.