Transfer email attachments to airtable

i am wanting set up a zapier integration where i can add a new record in airtable when i send an email to a zaper address. However I need the attachments on the email to be attached to the airtable record. is this possible? please advise how to do this if it is.

many thanks

@Kieran_Napthine I’ve done this several times for clients and would be happy to assist.

I am also curious to hear more. Zapier? Integromat?

2x cost-effective options @Jgray:

  • Zapier… it’s quick, easy, and can usually be achieved at no cost (Free Tier).
  • coding an integration to some free hosting service (eg cloudinary has been recommended elsewhere in this forum). JavaScript probably the easiest to use since Airtable API provides examples in either this or curl. NB this is only really a cost-free option if you’re familiar with coding API integrations and should not be attempted by anyone non-technical :frowning:

I’ve done a large number of each of the above, and can advise anyone looking for help.


Hello Oli

Thanks for this and apologies for delay in responding, I thought I had this sorted using gmail and zapier, however google have blocked airtable as app that can be connected to by Zapier. I am considering
signing up to a G-suite account to get around it, however could you advise the expected cost for your 2nd option below?

Hi Kieran, I noticed the Zapier issue too last week and it’s affecting a bunch of my old Zaps… going to need some coding to get around that, might take a few weeks as I hve rather a lot of integrations I rely on!
I have created a working Cloudinary-based pipeline and am experimenting with extending that to YouTube & other similar, free & unlimited hosting options. Do you see yourself needing a format-agnostic option or is it a particular medium you’re dealing with? Audio vs video vs csv file etc.

Hello Oli

Yes it would need to handle various file formats including images, documents, videos etc.


Kieran Napthine

Hi All

2022 now and is there no easy way to get email attachments into Airtable records from an email sync?

Have my emails coming in easily, getting attachments without going through Zapier would be great?


Personally, I would not recommend Zapier for moving attachments from emails into Make. It is significantly cheaper, way more intuitive, and infinitely more powerful to use

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Thanks Scott appreciate it