Transferring a Record from one Base To Another


Hello Community!

Thanks for all your help and insight so far, as time goes on, I’m falling more and more in love in with airtable.

I’ve been designing a base for applicant tracking and hiring and struggling with what to do when we decide to hire a candidate. It seems messy to ALSO keep track of active employees in the same base, so I thought I might use IFTTT to transfer a record from one base to another, but struggling there as well.

Does anybody have experience transferring a single record from one base to a different one, and would be willing to guide me in the direction of how to accomplish it myself?


Zapier or Integromat are going to get you a lot further than IFTTT.

I’m more familiar with Zapier, so I’ll describe briefly what you can do with it:

  • Create a view that filters to show only applicants you hire (by a Checkbox field, perhaps)
  • When you hire an applicant, check that box - they disappear from the main view and appear in the “Hired” view
  • Make a Zapier “Zap” that watches the “Hired” view of your table for new records that appear there
  • When a record appears, the Zap can look up all the data from that record, then create a new record in your “Employees” base and populate it with the information you need from the “Hired” applicant record
  • As a final step, the Zap could check another box in the “Hired” applicant record to signify that it has been transferred - you can then manually delete those “Transferred” records from time to time if needed/desired


OMG. Zapier is AMAZING. We didn’t look at them for so long because there were only 5 zaps for free, but then I found out they’ll give NPOs a free “Starter” account.