Transferring ownership in a workspace with 1 billable collaborator


Currently I have a Pro Plan with only 1 billable collaborator and I need to transfer the ownership to another user.

But my concern is to follow these FAQ instructions (How can I transfer ownership of a base or workspace to another user? – Airtable Support) and being charged for adding a new billable collaborator.

Is there a way of replacing the owner without being charged for a second one, since I have to add the new owner before I remove the other?

You probably won’t be charged if you do it quickly. I think they only check once per day to count how many collaborators you have.


When I changed the owner of a workspace, I was charged only a dollar or two for the brief period of time when there were two billable collaborators.


Zach from Airtable Support just answered me:

As long as the transfer happens around the same time you will not be charged! We actually prorate charges down to the second, so if the transition happens fairly seamlessly, we don’t charge for it. Of course, even if you had a few days in between and were charged, we’re happy to refund any unintentional charges.


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