Transforming Data


I’m wondering if anyone has found a good way to do this. I’d like to import data from a spreadsheet. Then have a way to transform that data and populate existing tables within a base.

In my existing spreadsheet I would have columns that go to different tables within one base.



It may be able to be done with Zapier (as always the devil’s in the details). I have done similar things for a client before.



The problem I seem to have in Zapier is getting it to do this with existing data. I can create a Zap that will take the data from a table into another table when new records are created. However this doesn’t solve the issue.

  1. I can’t import data into an existing table within Airtable.
  2. If I try to copy and paste the data my Zap isn’t populating the table.


Are you saying that pasting data into Airtable is NOT causing your Zap to see a new record?

Have you tried using new record in a view - based upon a filter? You could then update the filter field from the Zap.


Correct. I have setup the Zap with a record in one table called RawData. It’s setup to populate a table named Leads when RawData gets new records. I tested and it worked. Then I pasted ~ 1K worth of records into RawData. Leads is not populating. Based on what I know this should work.


I think I have it working now. I loaded the table off a view. I added an import flag to RawData and created a view filtering from it.

I ran the zap and it worked!

Thanks for the help!


Hi Damon

That’s great - the Zapier / Airtable combination works pretty well. Just needs instant Zaps triggered by a field/record update to complete the set!