Transitioning to a synced table

We are in the process of transitioning some of our different bases to use synced tables coming from a sort of ‘Single Source of Truth’ base.

Now, some of these tables that we would like to make synced to the base have numerous linked records, lookups, rollups, as well as scripts and automations that impact them.

From what I have discovered so far, there is no way to sync an already existing table containing the same information to our new source base. Is this correct? Essentially, to properly transition to the synced table, I will need to recreate all of the items that are not synced? I want to make sure this is the case before I jump into transitioning some of these bases, only to find out there was an easier workaround all along.

Thanks for all the help!

If you’ve not already done so, you might be better off making a copy of the tables you want to have in your “single source of truth” base by going to Share view > Sync this view to another base and selecting “Copy this data into a new table that you can edit” rather than “Create a synced table…” Then you have a new “master” version to work with. But unfortunately, yes, it looks like you do have to set up the views, apps etc again. If there’s a lot of them it’s a bit tedious, but once you have the new copy of the table, it’s a straight copy-paste job of your formulas, scripts, etc.

Thanks for the response. This is what I suspected. Making the copy is definitely the way to go to get started.

Not looking forward to having to remake / adjust views but it will definitely be worth it when it gets finished. Thanks agian.

You’re welcome. If you’re dealing with a large base it’ll be a bit laborious yes, but definitely worth it. The synced tables function is a definite game changer! :smiley:

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