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Looking to optionally TRANSPOSE the grid view so that Fields are shown on the vertical and Records across the horizontal. Grounding: I have two particular sheets - one is best presented Fields across / records down but the other requires fields down / records across (for reasons of navigation, data entry and readability. no functional changes, just U/I = transposed grid))

If you have a Pro subscription, the Pivot Table block can show a transposed view of your data. However, that view would be read only.

I’m afraid that you cannot have editable versions of both the original view and the transposed view of the same data without writing a lot of custom code.

If this answers your question, please mark this post as the solution. Otherwise, could you please give a bit more details and a screen capture?

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Thanks Kuovonne

I am not looking for both the original and a transposed editable view… just the transposed editable view for a given table would be sufficient.


I’m afraid that an editable transposed view is not possible without custom code.

When you expand a record, the fields are displayed vertically, but only for a single record at a time. You can also scroll through records in expanded view, but it sounds like this is not quite what you want.

Hi Kuovonne

Thanks again for your reply.

For me the requirement is quite simple in concept (if not readily available in practice).

Some editable grids/sheets are best (re)presented with fields down the vertical (especially those with many fields and with many long field names and long values) with records across the horizontal (especially when there are fewer records than fields). It simply presents / reads better and allows for more efficient/rapid movement and updates in the grid.

Any view on what custom code is needed where to identify that a grid should be presented as transposed (some flag / option on the table I assume) and to then actually transpose it.

Hi @Desmond_Beatty

I found this post. It might be of interest. It might not be exactly how you want to set up your base, but it might come close to it.

Hope it helps.

Creating vertical views out of a very horizontal database

Thank you,

People have done some creative things with hacking Airtable’s css. It might be possible to use custom css to change the layout, but doing so would be very challenging.

You can also display the fields vertically using a Gallery view. However, you would still need to enter the expanded view to do actual edits.

You can also display the fields vertically with formula fields, as @M_k suggests. However, you would still need to enter data in the horizontal grid view or the expanded view.

Or you can write your own user interface using the API. This would be a lot of custom code, and is probably out of reach unless you have an experienced developer with a lot of time.

If this answers your question, please mark this post as the solution.

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