Tried it and screwed up... help me get out of here

So I was recommended airtable to manage my office staff task. So seems promising. I get the demo, got busy and never used it. Today i jump to pro all because i can color code things and mostly will be used for simple task management and minor project collaboration. So i delete the workspace that was originally their and create and label new ones that now say free. So now I am assuming you pay by workspace and not to just use the program. So the one i deleted is the pro on and is now gone. Airtable has no phone support and i am assuming they rely on their community of paying users to provide their support. How do I get my money back, remove my credit card info and delete my account?

Hi @Robert_Skechak,

Our support team can be reached at, or by selecting Contact us from the in-app help menu. We’ll be happy to resolve any billing issues through that venue.