Trigger a csv download from a script

Hello All,

I’m looking to see what my options are to create and download a csv file generated from a base, but with a very specific format.

Right now I have a script that loads records from the base, creates a stringified csv document, and then saves that string into a multiline text cell in a different table.
The issue is that in order to use that text, I have to copy and paste the contents of the cell into a text document, save as a csv, then open in Excel.

Does anyone know of a way I could directly trigger a download of the csv, or even save it as a downloadable attachment in cell instead?


I think you first should read this to get started … after which, you’ll surely have more questions. :wink:

Thanks Bill – I just set everything up to upload into a write-only google drive folder – easy enough solution for now.

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