Trigger Email Reminder on Specific Date?

Is there a way to trigger air table to shoot me a reminder email on a specific date?

I’m entering my “to do’s” into an air table field and want to attach a date on which that “to do” should be actioned. It’s so far in advance, that I’d need an email trigger to me on that date as a reminder. Is that possible?


Being lazy, my tendency is to want someone else to do it for me — so in this case, I’d probably create a calendar view of my base, pump the information into Google Calendar (or similar), and let it hassle with notifying me.

See these:

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I agree! Would really like a reminder feature to be added.


Agreed! I would love to see this feature


I do this with Zapier and a Airtable view that is filtered to only show records that fall within a certain date.

Here are the screenshots from my Zapier workflow. You’ll need to setup a Mailjet account or use Gmail or Zapier Mail. Two step Zap should be available with a free account.



I would like to have a reminder or alarm in airtable please


in reference to the above question on setting up email reminder for AirTable date fields with zapier

i recently came across a different integrating tool named Integromat, does anyone have any experience with that?

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