Trigger every time a record is updated (?)


Can someone from the Airtable team please explain to me why this feature has not been implemented?

When you read through these forums, you will see that SO MANY users need this feature. And someone from Airtable once-upon-a-time said that it was coming. So why hasn’t it been implemented?

Is it too expensive? Is it too complex for the Airtable team? Does the sales team this is going to drive users away from the Airtable front-end? What? Why?

What benefit do they see of having their users use another service like [On2Air] which is outside of their control?

The illogic of it is maddening.

In general my Airtable experience is more frustrating than not; and having someone from Airtable respond to this one post in clear way would probably eliminate half of that frustration.