Trigger if something does not occur


I’d like to show a record in a view if something does not occur by a given time in the user’s time zone.

The use case is that the users submit a form each day. If they do not submit the form, they should go into a particular view. I’m having problems bringing it into that view at the right time, because the formula I am using to get the current time doesn’t seem to be updating unless I open the base.

DATETIME_FORMAT(SET_TIMEZONE(NOW(), ‘Australia/Sydney’), ‘HH:mm’)

I have a couple of formulas there to calculate whether the submission has been made that day or not.

I’m using this filter for the view:

Appreciate any alternatives to get the record to come into a view at a certain time.



Airtable processing essentially takes place in your browser: If the base isn’t open, it’s in stasis. If you need to force offline updates, you’ll need to do so through a programatic interface, either with a custom routine accessing tables through the Airtable API or (more likely) through a third-party integration service such as Zapier or Integromat.It should be relatively simple to create a Zap or Scenario that checks the base on a regular basis and flags missing forms.


I figured as much… I’ll write something for it :slight_smile: