Trigger UNDO through API

I could not find in the API documentation a way to trigger Airtable’s UNDO actions.
Is there a way to do this ?
It would surely be of a great help for all users.

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There is no “undo” in the API, only in the regular user interface.

Thanks for your answer @kuovonne.
Is there a way to propose improvement in Airtable?

You can make suggestions by contacting support or by posting in the Product Suggestions area of this forum. However, this particular suggestion probably will not be implemented. Since API requests are independent from each other and can come from different places, there is no way for an API request to identify what to undo.

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I was thinking about the “Ctrl + z” shortcut that does not seem to me to depend on a context, apart from the database and the user connected.
Am I wrong here? does the undo function (or shortcut) depend on a selected record or table?

The undo in the user interface also has the context of the user session—which user on which computer, and a whole lot of code to keep track of the user’s history in that session. API requests don’t have session.


As @kuovonne said, this will never be implemented because it’s not how REST APIs are designed to work.

One of the key breakthroughs & innovations of REST APIs is that each request is an independent lightweight request with no connection to any other requests.

This is called “statelessness”:

You can see the other principals of the REST protocol here:


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