Triggering automation on date

new to the program and I’m trying to trigger an automation to run 30 days prior to a date (birthday) in order to send a postcard. I’ve set the to trigger when “record matches condition” and the condition to birthday (date field) is one month from today. It will only trigger when the year matches 2021 (one month from today) Do I have to strip out the year from the birthday field in order for it to trigger?

Hi @Mark_Taylor1

I am not sure of the wording for this but in this example I used :

  • Birthdate (as “original” birthdate, years ago)
  • Birthday (the same date but this year)

I would create another Formula Field like “Birthday” containing :

It takes your original Birthdate (with the original birthyear), print only the Day (DD) and Month (MM)
Then, pass it to DATETIME_PARSE that try to convert a string to a Date.
In this case, there is a missing year so he fills the year with current year.

Then your date filter shoud work :wink:


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Thank you…that worked perfectly (for 2021) will that continue to work with each new year?

Actually, it just strips out the “year” from the date so, I don’t see any reason why it would stop working.

On January 1st, all formula will be “re-calculated” and will now output DD-MM of the birthdate + current year (because the real birthdate year is “missing” due to our DATETIME_FORMAT that strips it out)

@Mark_Taylor1, may I ask you to mark my previous reply as the solution ?


Absolutely (solution marked)…so now what happens for January birthdays? the automation looks at “dates” “one month from now” for the trigger(?) When we hit December won’t all the January birthdays still be 2021?
thank you very much for the help!

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