Trouble Copying and Pasting from Google Sheets to Airtable


Hi Everyone,

Currently trying to copy and paste a column of numbers and a column of text that includes emojis and hashtags from Google Sheets to Airtable. Up to a few days ago, I could copy and paste 200 rows of information that included the numbers and text into a dedicated number and text column. Now, when I paste, the notification pops up that the table is thinking about the data and then nothing happens.

Is there a new issue that might be preventing the paste? Could the inclusion of special characters in the text field be preventing the paste from being successful?

Thanks for your help!


Depending on which special characters you have in your original data, that might present a problem when pasting. However, Airtable is pretty flexible on that front from what I’ve seen. You might try small chunks to see if you can isolate the problem to specific cells in the original data.

You might also try copying one column of data at a time instead of both at once. My impression from your comments is that you’re doing the latter; disregard if you’ve already tried the single-column paste and it still cooperate.