Trouble with conditional field in form

Hi there !

Maybe it’s too early in the mornin here but I have a troublie with a field with condition.

I’m sure my condition is right but when I’m trying, it’s just not working.

Asking him IF the single select field “Type de partenariat prioritaire” is “Intervenant”, then don’t show the field in the form view.

But it don’t.

Demande aide commu airtable GIF (1)

Thanks a lot for your help, really hope that I’m kind of blind on this one.

You have 2 conditions listed there, not 1.

If you want them both to apply, then choose AND instead of OR.

Thanks a lot for your reply.

This is exactly the point, my first condition is doing it right.

But my second is dependant, so I used “OR”.

Is this the reason ? To me, it is not… :slight_smile:

Hmmm, if it’s not hiding or showing the field properly, then you would probably want to email to have them look into it.

If the second condition is dependent on the first—meaning that they both have to be true in order to show that field—then you want to use AND. With AND, all conditions must be true. With OR, any single condition can be true. OR means that each condition is independent—not dependent—compared to the state of the other conditions.

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